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  • When can I access the Parking?
    You can access the Garage every day, from Monday to Sunday from 06:00 to 00:15. Then the covered parking will automatically close for safety and will NOT be accessible again, until the morning.
  • How do I reach the Garage?
    You can reach the garage in a very simple way, following the directions of your navigator without worrying about the restricted traffic area, as our car park is located on the border of the restricted traffic area.
  • Who can I contact to book the days of stay and times?
    You can call the fixed number +39 0575 20248 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00, Thanks! Send a message in the chat or send an email to In the event of intense traffic or during periods of events in the city or on weekends, forgive us if we are less quick to answer you or we cannot satisfy you with our services!
  • Is it possible to find a place in the Parking on weekends and days of events in Arezzo?
    On weekends and events in Arezzo, the car park is always very busy and despite reservations and subscriptions, you may incur more or less long waits to access it.
  • Come posso abbonarmi alla Autorimessa?
    Per abbonarti alla nostra Autorimessa, prima di tutto, contatta direttamente l'autorimessa e meglio ancora presentati direttamente presso i nostri uffici di Via Pietro Aretino, 8 ad Arezzo, per verificare la disponibilità degli abbonamenti. Saremo in grado di fornirti tutte le informazioni necessarie e guidarti nel processo di abbonamento. Una volta completata la procedura di abbonamento, potrai usufruire dei servizi dell'Autorimessa come abbonato.
  • Quanto dista l'autorimessa dalla Stazione ferroviaria di Arezzo?
    La nostra Autorimessa è raggiungibile in circa 8/9 minuti percorrendo circa 600/700 metri a piedi dalla stazione ferroviaria di Arezzo. Per eventuali informazioni più dettagliate, non esitate a contattarci.
  • What is the FAQ section?
    Our services are of several types, I'll list the main ones: _ CAR WASH _ VALET PARKING _ ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING _ CAR REFUELING _ VARIOUS KINDS OF AGREEMENTS
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